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Proprietary targeting capabilities, an array of individualized products based on your marketing goals, and a dedicated team behind you. What more could you ask for?

Water Bear Marketing offers a wide variety of advertising solutions to help your business get more business. Each item in the AdPantry® comes with a dedicated team of highly skilled water bears who are based in the USA, easily accessible, and focused on your success. You also get 24/7 access to our reporting dashboard for maximum transparency. Effortlessly track advertising results, including phone calls, online sales, and form submissions. Our proprietary technology helps us proactively make adjustments to help you get the best results we can deliver.

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Hydrate with ReEngage®

Effectively communicate with your potential, current, or former customers consistently. Hydrate with ReEngage requires minimal setup to start sending powerful communications.


Reach 99% of the places that people search online with our proprietary technology. Water Bear provides proactive tracking of results through phone calls, online sales, and form submissions.


Eliminate wasted ad impressions by leveraging Water Bear's technology and proprietary targeting products. Banner ads help you create brand awareness in a place where viewers can take immediate action, online.

Out of Home

Combine your digital efforts with your out of home marketing to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Reach audiences in critical locations within your target market and make a splash with Water Bear's targeting capabilities.


Social media is today's word of mouth. Connect with customers through sites that are part of their everyday lives.  Build and engage your community, grow your online brand, increase customer loyalty, and help build your distribution list.


Customized, optimized, and mobile responsive, our intuitive web designs are built for conversions. Make the first impression you want with website design and development services.


Start with on-site SEO, add in off-site SEO with authority building, citation building, and reputation management for a multi-pronged approach that increases your brand's search engine rankings.


Get in front of people by leveraging a commercial that can be linked back to your website or landing page. Over 70% of adults are on mobile, desktop, or tablet devices; start connecting with your audience today!


Curious about how advertising efforts are performing? We're all about transparency. With OfflineTracking, Water Bear provides 24/7 access to call reporting, recording, and lead rating abilities to ensure your budget is well spent.


Unlock a new avenue for customers to connect and interact with your business. From gathering reviews to messaging customers about appointments and payments, chat saves time and money while increasing engagement.


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Proprietary Targeting Solutions


BannerAds with GeoDemo® is a Water Bear Marketing product that helps our customers target based on a defined geographic area and demographics, so that we can hone in on your ideal customers. We are able to eliminate ad impressions waste while still getting your brand in front of the majority of people.


GeoIntention® customizes advertising programs by using a radius around a physical location, keyword research, competitive landscape, industry products/services, and layers of demographic targeting such as age or gender. Additionally, we target specific business types (hair salons, grocery stores, etc.) that people have visited in the last 30 days.


ReEngage® is a Water Bear Marketing product that enables our customers to communicate with people who have previously engaged with them.  Using BannerAds, we cover over 96% of ad spaces available, to help our clients advertise in front of people who have previously visited their website. Keep the conversation moving forward with ReEngage®.

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