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​We believe that in today's world, there is no room for guessing with your advertising dollars.

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The Water Bear Marketing leadership team has over 80 years of combined experience in advertising and technology.

Founder & CEO

VP of Development

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VP of Sales & PARA Program

Web Design and Development

Advertising Consultant

The Probability of chance.

Even when we aren't actively searching to hire, disregarding the possibility of fresh talent is arrogant. Our team has become who we are today due to the probability of chance. In other words, paths crossed, and we got incredibly lucky. If you're drawn to Water Bear Marketing, our team, and what our company stands for; it never hurts to drop us a line.

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Who We Are

We are innovators, we are scrappy, and we work for the small and medium-sized businesses that built their businesses out of dreams and elbow grease.

Are you the type of client who works to build your business and make payroll every month all while wearing multiple hats, learning new things on the fly, going above and beyond, failing and succeeding, working off of sleep deprivation, starting with more sweat than equity, and taking pride in their work? You're the ideal client for Water Bear Marketing.

We get it, because that's exactly how we began. And yet, when we roll out a new product, we put in the same grit. With that being said, tenacity recognizes tenacity. We are invested in your success and have a team that puts in the hours to help you succeed. We are all about helping your business get more business.

What We Do

We help our customers get a return on their online advertising dollars and prove the results.

Our team has managed thousands of online marketing campaigns for retail, industrial, and commercial businesses, such as agencies, law firms, medical and dental practices, non-profits, home service-based businesses, schools, B2B-focused businesses, manufacturers, and more.

We have more than two decades of digital marketing experience. We separate ourselves from our competitors by leveraging proprietary technology that gets smarter over time and tracks phone calls (includes call recording), website submissions, and a team constantly learning and evolving.

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How We Show It

Our reporting dashboard allows our customers to have access to review their campaign performance anywhere and anytime.

We provide our customers with 24/7 access to our reporting dashboard. We are all about visibility. This transparency allows our clients unfiltered access to review campaign performance anywhere and anytime.

Our goal is to drive the best return on investment by tracking results and making adjustments to our customer's marketing campaigns. If you're not happy, neither are we.

Behind the Name

"When I was deciding on a company name, I realized that nature already had one real example of the toughest, coolest, most indestructible creature known to humans; the water bear. This micro-animal is a lot like our advertising campaigns and the people in our company, embodying resilience and adaptability in every challenge.

Plus, the irony, that you have to put it under a microscope to see it, just like we do with all of the advertising campaigns we manage, carefully scrutinizing every detail to ensure they stand out and thrive.

So, there you have it; that's how we became Water Bear Marketing, dedicated to achieving success through microscopic attention to every marketing challenge, just like the remarkable water bear."

- Nate Louis, CEO

Our Mission

→ We are water bears first
→ We serve our customers externally
→ We serve our customers internally
→ We do the right thing when no one is looking
→ We review, adjust, and learn
→ We innovate and adapt to emerging industry trends and technologies
→ We consistently deliver exceptional value to our customers and partners

What is a Water Bear?

A water bear is someone who serves their customer first, is adaptable, strives for perfection, is willing to learn new skills, resilient, hard-working, does the right thing when no one is looking, has integrity, finds ways to make things fun, simplifies their job, and finds ways to be more efficient. They are the embodiment of dedication, constantly evolving to meet challenges head-on, and always seeking innovative solutions to not just survive but thrive in the ever-changing landscape of our work.

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