What is Advertising With Intelligence®

Water Bear Marketing built proprietary technology called Advertising With Intelligence. Advertising With Intelligence is our marketing AI that helps us help our customers advertise intelligently, based on their monthly budget and lead or revenue goals. With Advertising With Intelligence, we can figure out which online ads produce the best results, which search terms on search engines get the best results, and which audiences perform the best for our customers. After that, we can adjust our customers marketing budgets to get them the maximum return on investment. Thus, we help your business get more business.

Our team of experts makes sure all advertising campaigns are performing as expected and exceeding our customer's goals. We focus on surpassing our customers' lead goals by Advertising With Intelligence instead of fixating on click costs, impressions, click-through rates, or other industry jargon.

All of our customers have 24/7 access to our reporting dashboard which shows the results of our efforts to market on our customer's behalf.

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