GeoIntention® stands as a cornerstone in Water Bear Marketing's array of proprietary technologies and targeting capabilities, representing a pivotal advancement in our approach to ad campaigns. Through GeoIntention®, we've successfully eradicated ad impression waste while enabling our customers to precisely target their ideal audiences. Our approach involves tailoring your advertising program through a multi-faceted strategy, including setting geographical parameters around a physical location, leveraging keyword research, closely analyzing your competitive landscape, understanding the nuances of products or services offered in your industry, and enhancing targeting precision with layers of demographic data, such as age and gender.

But that's not all. Our capabilities extend to pinpointing specific business types, whether it's hair salons, grocery stores, real estate offices, or any niche, by tracking recent visits within the last 30 days. GeoIntention® empowers us to use the full scope of our targeting expertise and technology to maximize our clients' return on ad spend with precision and efficiency. It's a testament to our dedication to delivering results that are not only accurate but also cost-effective.


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