OrganicSearch is a multi-pronged approach to increase your brand's overall ranking on search engines. We start with traditional SEO for your website, we add in authority building, citation building, and reputation management. At Water Bear Marketing, we are focused on increasing our client’s online ranking, consumer perception, and improving their chances of being found across the Internet with clear and accurate information. Our OrganicSearch program allows you to stand out, literally. Our goal is to get you seen in as many places as possible.

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Reporting Dashboard

At Water Bear Marketing, we provide our clients with 24/7 access to our reporting dashboard. This transparency allows our clients to have access to review their OrganicSearch performance anywhere and anytime. Our goal is to drive the best return on investment by tracking results.

Some Key Elements of our Reporting Dashboard:

  • Rank checking on Google and Bing local listings tracking keywords
  • Local search audits on link authority, local rank checking, website SEO, and social engagement on Facebook and Twitter
  • Google Analytics

Why Water Bear Marketing?


With our reporting dashboard, you get 24/7 access to your campaigns in one place.

Proprietary Technology:

Our tools and technology and industry knowledge ensure we provide our clients with their desired outcomes and provide you with valuable insights that would have gone undiscovered with other advertising techniques.

20+ Years of Experience:

Our team of highly skilled water bears has decades of combined experience. We have run thousands of ad campaigns in almost every vertical imaginable.

Dedicated Consultant:

Work with an advertising consultant from beginning to end and they have a Campaign Consultant to ensure maximum results. We do not transfer you from one person to the next.

Proven Results:

We have managed thousands of ad campaigns across almost every type of industry. We obsessively track actions and results and make changes as needed. We are good at what we do and have the data to back it up.