Websites are the doorstep into your business. Water Bear Marketing builds websites that are optimized for advertising, lead generation, and sales. We build all websites customized to our clients' needs. We will help design your organization’s entryway.

Water Bear Marketing ensures that you will reach 99% of the places that people search online. We provide tracking of results through phone calls, emails, online sales, and form submissions. Our proprietary technology allows us to proactively make adjustments to our client’s campaigns to drive more leads and sales.

Search engines are continuously changing and updating their algorithms. We are the experts for our clients and use the latest search engine optimization recommendations to improve our client’s chances of being found.

Get in front of your potential customers where they are spending most of their time on the Internet. We use targeting, like demographics, geography, income, and more, to ensure your message is reaching the right people.

Eliminate ad impression waste and target your ideal customer with GeoIntention™. With our proprietary process, we leverage our technology to maximize our clients’ return on ad spend and help you reach your ideal audience accurately and efficiently.

Our proprietary process to re-engage with people who have shown interest through multiple product solutions. With our ReEngage™ solutions, you are able to communicate with people who have shown interest in your business through one, or all of our ReEngage™ products.

Don’t let potential leads fall out of your buying funnel. Chat allows our clients to communicate with people who are actively engaged on their website. This interaction keeps customers and prospects informed and engaged, warranting additional sales for your business.

Let Water Bear Marketing do the work for you. In over 98% of the top media channels, we create a consistent message and brand identity for our client’s business. We ensure our clients have increased brand awareness, customer acquisition, reputation, and loyalty while gaining valuable insights into their business.

Visually engage your customers with Water Bear Marketing's video/OTT advertising product. With our technology, our clients reach households and users based on demographics, geography, interests, user profiles, income, and more. You can target down to radius or zip codes or even something like east vs west side or north vs south.

Set a virtual perimeter for any real-world geographic area with Water Bear Marketing GeoFencing. Display Ads are delivered to consumers who enter the “fence” on 96% of the display networks. GeoFencing is successful for short term events such as tradeshows, sporting events, or locations where our client’s known ideal customers may physically go.

Our digital billboards enable you to deliver banner ads on websites where people are already consuming information. Be visible in 96% of the display networks available. Our goal is to deliver ads that are engaging, relevant, and meet our client’s ideal targeted customers.

We offer a free consultation to discuss what products may be a good fit to reach your advertising goals and objectives. Call us or fill out the free consultation form and one of the highly qualified advertising consultants will contact you within 24 hours.

Water Bear Marketing stands behind our products and we are willing to put our money where your pocketbook is. We guarantee several of our products on the Ad Pantry™