Water Bear Marketing PARA Program | Help Your Client’s Business Get More Business

At Water Bear Marketing, we believe that in today’s world, there is no room for guessing with you or your clients’ advertising dollars. For a little over a year now we have been partnering with advertising agencies to help them maximize both their and their clients’ revenue and success, by utilizing our experience, technology, and targeting capabilities. If you are an advertising agency looking to help your client’s business get more business, all while earning a residual monthly commission, learn how the Water Bear Marketing PARA Program works and see how it can be just the solution you are looking for.

What is the Water Bear Marketing PARA Program?

The Partners Agencies Resellers and Affiliates Program (PARA Program) allows advertising agencies to partner with Water Bear Marketing for their clients’ advertising needs. As the Advertising Intelligence™ ad agency, Water Bear Marketing uses our Advertising With Intelligence® technology to intelligently advertise for our clients, including those in the PARA Program, based upon their lead goals, while leveraging our proprietary technology.

Our team of experts makes sure all advertising campaigns are performing as expected and exceeding our clients’ goals. We focus on surpassing our customers’ lead goals by Advertising With Intelligence®, instead of fixating on click costs, a click-through rate, or other industry jargon. You and your clients not only get to utilize our technology, you get a team of highly skilled waterbears to provide insights to both you and your clients, and provide knowledge and experience.

Why do Agencies Join the PARA Program?

We have advertising agencies of all sizes who have partnered with us to help them and their clients achieve their marketing and advertising goals. When you join the PARA program, you and your clients’ success becomes our number one goal.

Benefit from:

Transparent Reporting: As a PARA Program partner, you and your clients get 24/7 access to our reporting dashboard. You are able to access all of your accounts running with us to view their results. This transparency allows our PARA program members and their clients to have access to review their campaign performance anywhere and anytime and eliminates confusing monthly reports.

Dedicated Team: Our highly skilled team has decades of combined experience in the marketing industry. We use our experience and knowledge to improve our clients’ ad campaigns month over month. With Water Bear Marketing’s PARA program, we are able to provide valuable insights to both you and your clients.

Technology: Our Advertising With Intelligence® proprietary technology and targeting capabilities, using GeoDemo®, GeoIntention®, and ReEngage®, along with our highly skilled Water Bear team members, constantly perform significantly better than industry averages.

What Products are Available in the Water Bear Marketing PARA Program?

Through Water Bear Marketing’s PARA program, our agency partners are able to offer their clients all of the products offered in our Ad Pantry™.

Water Bear Marketing’s PARA Program allows you to open the door to the Water Bear Marketing Ad Pantry™ and offer your clients:

As we continue to expand our product line and offerings, you will also be able to offer your clients the new and exciting things we have available.

Why Water Bear Marketing?

We are innovators, we are scrappy, and we work for the small and medium-sized businesses who built their business out of dreams and elbow grease. We know how hard our clients, and yours, work to build their business, make payroll every month, wear multiple hats, learn new things on the fly, go above and beyond, fail and succeed, were or are sleep deprived, probably started with more sweat than equity, and take pride in their work. We understand. We are invested in you and your clients’ success and we have a team that truly cares about helping you and your clients succeed.

If you want to learn more about the PARA Program, contact us for a free consultation. We can share with you how we have helped other advertising agencies and their clients take their advertising efforts to the next level.

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