Introducing Water Bear Marketing’s PARA Program

Did you know that Water Bear Marketing has a Partner Agencies Resellers Affiliates program (PARA program)? Advertising agencies can leverage Water Bear Marketing’s PARA program to maximize their revenue and clients’ success by utilizing our experience, technology, and targeting capabilities, all while earning a residual monthly commission.

Understanding the Water Bear Marketing Difference

Our People: Our highly skilled team has decades of combined experience in the marketing industry. We use our experience and knowledge to improve our clients’ ad campaigns month over month. With Water Bear Marketing’s PARA program, we are able to provide valuable insights to both you and your clients.

Our Tracking and Technology: At Water Bear Marketing, our Advertising With Intelligence® proprietary technology and targeting capabilities, using GeoDemo®, GeoIntention™, and ReEngage®, along with our highly skilled Water Bear team members, constantly perform significantly better than industry averages.

Our Dashboard: With Water Bear Marketing’s PARA program, you and your clients get 24/7 access to our reporting dashboard. Here you can easily access all of your accounts running with us to view their results. This transparency allows our PARA program members and their clients to have access to review their campaign performance anywhere and anytime (no more manual monthly reports).

PARA Program Product Offerings

​At Water Bear Marketing, we believe that in today’s world, there is no room for guessing with you or your clients’ advertising dollars. We help our customers get a return on their online advertising dollars and prove the results with our reporting. Through Water Bear Marketing’s PARA program, our agency partners are able to offer their clients the products offered in our Ad Pantry™.

Water Bear Marketing’s PARA Program allows you to offer your clients:

What Our Water Bears Have to Say about the PARA Program

Our team at Water Bear Marketing are experts when it comes to marketing and are excited to offer agency partners access to our technology and a new way to work with us. With the Water Bear Marketing PARA program, more businesses are able to reap the benefits of our proprietary technology.

Laura Fisher, Vice President of PARA Program, says, “Internet marketing poses more of a challenge than any other medium, constantly changing and growing. I love the challenge of keeping up with and figuring out the best strategy for each client. No two clients are the same so each one has to be handled differently. I am excited to help build out the PARA program while continuing to impress my clients with my knowledge and expertise and Water Bear’s products/technology”.

“I don’t know of another privately held advertising agency that offers as many products, as much proprietary technology, and a single reporting dashboard that everyone can log into 24/7, like Water Bear Marketing. We really want our clients to win and generate maximum ROI and easily prove it. Our PARA program allows our agency partners to also offer their clients these many benefits, making it a win for all”, says CEO, Nate Louis.

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