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As more and more people start to move about again and leave their homes, the potential to reach your ideal audience grows when you are not only using digital advertising, but are in front of them outside of their home, with out-of-home advertising.

What is Out-of-home Advertising?

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising, also called outdoor advertising, outdoor media, and out-of-home media, is advertising experienced outside of the home. This includes billboards, arena and stadium advertising, airports, and posters seen while “on the go;” it also includes place-based media seen in locations such as convenience stores, medical offices, hair salons, and other brick-and-mortar venues.

Out-of-home advertising allows you to stand out, by being seen outside of the home while combining with your digital marketing efforts. Studies have found that consumers are 48% more likely to interact with a digital ad after being exposed to an OOH ad first.

Understanding Digital Out-of-home Advertising

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) refers to dynamic media distributed across place-based networks in venues including, but not limited to: cafes, bars, restaurants, health clubs, colleges, arenas, gas stations, convenience stores, barber shops, airports and public spaces. DOOH advertising aids location owners and advertisers, in being able to engage customers and/or audiences and extend the reach and effectiveness of marketing messages.

DOOH is on the rise and is an impactful form of advertising. More than 50% of consumers in the U.S. say they pay attention to DOOH advertising in the form of billboards, street-level ads, and place-based formats.

Why Should you Add Out-of-home Advertising to your Marketing Mix?

Out-of-home advertising is hard for consumers to avoid. Unlike online advertising; ad blockers, junk folders, and a quick click of the mouse, can’t take a consumer away from OOH advertisements.

Out-of-home advertising enhances your digital marketing efforts and online presence. Nielsen and the OAAA found that nearly 50% of surveyed adults had conducted an online search after first seeing the object of their search in an OOH ad. They also found that more than 40% of people searched for a brand online after seeing an OOH ad and 74% who visited a business after seeing an OOH ad made a purchase (OAAA).

Start Utilizing Out-of-home Advertising Today

The possibilities are endless when it comes to OOH and DOOH advertising. Out-of-home advertising has created a new world of marketing possibilities for your business. You can find success in the OOH space by creating targeted, eye-catching, and memorable messaging.

D/OOH is a Water Bear Marketing product that helps our customers target their ideal market, down to a specific billboard/space, to get your message to a large group of people in a more cost-effective manner while giving you flexibility, and a low entry point to out-of-home advertising.

With our D/OOH product, you have the flexibility to create a fully customizable campaign, buying various screen spaces, in near real-time. You can set multiple day-parts in 15-minute segments to target when your ideal audience is traveling and outside of the home. You can also select and choose days to show ads versus not showing them.

At Water Bear Marketing our D/OOH product allows you to have the flexibility to swap out your ad creative on a daily basis, allowing for more interactive and engaging D/OOH ads. Contact us today to get started on your out-of-home advertising campaign.

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