Value of Call Tracking and Recording for Digital Marketing

Having a goal of gaining new customers is a no brainer when it comes to your digital marketing efforts. Is your business converting leads into customers? Call tracking and recording is a critical component of every digital marketing campaign.

Having call tracking and recording with your online advertising campaigns allow you to close the gap with potential customers. To put it simply, call tracking, that’s designed for a business’s marketing campaigns, allows you to get the same data that you get for online interactions (form submissions, chat inquiries, etc.) for contacts that happen over the phone. This allows advertisers to optimize your digital marketing campaigns to drive high-quality phone calls and increase your marketing ROI.

Calls to U.S. businesses from search, social, display, or other paid ad campaigns have grown 110 percent since 2014. That represents a total of 162 billion calls in the United States each year. Phone calls convert at 10x the rate of clicks, so businesses should take advantage of the opportunity that call tracking and recording presents them with and ensure their digital marketing campaigns are driving calls.

With so many consumers converting by calling businesses, it’s critical that your online advertising can track and report on calls.

What is call tracking and how does it work?

Call tracking allows businesses to track offline conversations and to know which online sources led to the calls. Call tracking not only helps businesses, it helps advertisers understand which keywords, ad text, landing pages, and campaigns are working the most successfully, which allows them to optimize your online advertising. Ultimately, better call tracking metrics lead to a more accurate understanding of your ROI.

To be able to report on the value of online advertising efforts, including calls from ads, marketers need to set up call tracking on a business’s website. Call tracking is typically set up by adding a snippet to the source code of a website. This script is designed to replace the phone number on the website based on predefined rules. Once this is done, the website will show the dynamically replaced call tracking number to the website visitor. This dynamic phone number allows the business and marketer to see calls segmented out by what sources, in their call tracking dashboard.

Calls tend to produce high quality warm leads. Calls convert 10-15 times more often than other online leads. Whether it’s that irreplaceable human quality or the convenience of instant information, calls are an important source of leads to any business and provide important data to the advertiser.

Call tracking and dynamic phone numbers personal the user experience.

With call tracking and dynamic phone number insertion businesses and advertisers can show local phone numbers to people based on where they are searching from. Why is having a local phone number important?

According to a MightyCall article:

  • Toll-free numbers indicate to callers a large potentially international business.
  • Toll-free numbers make people feel like they will have to talk to a person in a call center, that can leave callers waiting and occasionally frustrated with the service they receive.
  • 86 percent of consumers trust their local business quality over national and international companies.

By providing a local phone number to web searchers in each region and area, marketers can better connect with local searchers and increase call leads and conversion rates. Marketers can set up a geo-targeted campaign for each location. By providing a local phone number to each of the local campaigns, the website will dynamically serve the web searcher with a phone number with a familiar local area code.

Where is the value in call recording?

Okay, so you now likely understand that call tracking is important, but you are probably wondering what makes call recording so significant. As a business, you likely want a better understanding of the call quality to be able to hear how your employees are handling calls and gauge missed conversion opportunities. An online advertising campaign can drive a high number of calls to your business, but if you aren’t converting them, that is a missed opportunity.

Call recordings give marketers and business owners information about call details and conversations. This type of information is particularly useful to assess the quality of customer service and employee performance, as previously mentioned. If a business owner reviews a call that did not go how they would have liked, they will have all the information needed to reconnect with that consumer and try to change the conversation.

At Water Bear Marketing our clients can hear their return on investment with every call. Our call tracking and recording put you in charge of your results. With our advertising campaigns, Water Bear Marketing provides our clients with in-depth tracking and recording of the phone calls, website form submissions, emails, orders, and the overall user experience on their websites.

Water Bear Marketing provides our clients with detailed tracked leads that allow them to continue the conversation with their prospects and customers. Our clients receive contact names, phone numbers, emails, and date and time of the contact to the business. Contact us today for a free consultation.