Search engine optimization (SEO) affects how visible a website or web page is on various search engines. SEO is focused on increasing a website's ranking, based on what searches people do on specific search engines.

Search engines are continuously changing and updating their algorithms. We are the experts for our clients and use the latest search engine optimization recommendations to improve our clients' chances of being found.

Why Water Bear Marketing for your Organic Search Engine Optimization?

  • Over 10 years of Organic Search Engine Optimization experience
  • Manages hundreds of organic search campaigns
  • Obsessively tracks actions and results and makes changes as needed
  • Provides an online dashboard so you can review campaign performance 24/7

Our Organic Search Engine Optimization allows you to stand out, literally. Our goal is to get your seen in as many places as possible.


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Water Bear Marketing’s goal is to help your business be seen, where your customers are looking. We build comprehensive SEO campaigns that address all key elements of SEO, including skillfully implemented content optimization, off your website SEO and linking, business citations and Google My Business listings.

We help you to be found where you may not know people are searching for you.


Search ranking improvements will be seen within a short time of us taking over your Search Engine Optimization, helping you to grow your business. With our proprietary tools and technology, we learn what search, on what search engine, produces a phone call, email, online sale, or website form submission. Based on the outcome, we make adjustments to your website's content and continue to improve results.

Lead Reporting

Water Bear Marketing provides our clients with detailed tracked leads that allow them to continue the conversation with their prospects and customers. Our clients receive contact names, phone numbers, emails, and date and time of the contact to the business.

With our organic search campaigns, Water Bear Marketing provides our clients with in-depth tracking and recording of the phone calls, website form submissions, emails, orders, and the overall user experience on their websites.


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  • We work with you to develop a SEO strategy with a clear roadmap that is defined by custom keywords and is detailed to meet your goals and needs
  • Your campaign is constantly managed by a dedicated trained specialist
  • We continuously adjust your website and optimize it on an ongoing basis with all industry best practices and branding in mind
  • You are supplied with monthly metrics, rank reporting, and Google Analytics so you can get a complete view into your website's performance

Water Bear Marketing will take the guessing out of Organic Search Engine Optimization for you and your business. Water Bear Marketing’s tools and technology and industry knowledge ensure we provide our clients with their desired outcomes. We strive to exceed your expectations to improve your SEO performance while providing you with valuable insights that would have gone undiscovered with other advertising techniques.