Chat gives your company an additional way for your website visitors to interact with your business. Our live chat solution is powered by 24-hour support staff to answer your potential customers' basic questions and help turn them into leads.

  Chat is perfect if you need an alternative contact method or after-hours monitoring. No website visitor will feel the need to wait to contact you during business hours and you will not lose that lead. With chat, you can collect your website visitors' contact information so you can follow up with them at a later time.


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Support professionals manage your chat for you. We will help you to control the conversation that is happening with your business, answer basic questions, and gather lead information.


Water Bear Marketing provides our clients with detailed tracked leads that allow them to continue the conversation with their prospects and customers. Our clients receive contact names, phone numbers, emails, and date and time of the contact to the business.


Prospects will often leave a website if they have questions, and may never return. Our chat functionality allows you to stay in front of your ideal customer and to keep them engaged in your business.

How Live Chat Works

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  • 24-hour support staff to answer basic questions and gather leads from your website
  • Ability to turn your interested users into customers via lead collection
  • Allows for you and your team to focus on selling while we handle the basics