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Water Bear Marketing is an advertising agency with a location serving Frankenmuth, Michigan and the surrounding area. We’ve enjoyed dining at Zehnder’s for chicken dinner and riding on the Bavarian Belle Riverboat. We’re big fans of German Beer and have had our fair share of IPAs at the Frankenmuth Brewery. Were you expecting us to say that we are an advertising agency in Frankenmuth that loves advertising?

We understand that you may or may not know what advertising solutions you need. Regardless, we can work with you to help you advertise your business. We typically start by understanding your goals and objectives. After that, we come up with a plan of action and execute it.

We have the skills and products needed to help you advertise your business. We can help you reach people 1 mile down the road from your place of business. We can also help you reach hundreds of millions of people across the United States with more complex adverting campaigns that require multiple levels of tracking and reporting.

With the advertising solutions we offer, our goal is to get you the best-tracked results from your advertising investment. because we aspire for our clients to tell us we are the world's best advertising agency.

If you would like, Water Bear Marketing will set up a one-on-one advertising consultation to get you a better understanding of what your advertising goals are and what advertising products we believe will best tell your story and track your advertising.


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