How to Make Your Banner Ads Stand Out

Banner advertising is one of the most traditional forms of digital advertising; however, it is also one of the easiest forms of marketing for customers to ignore and not click on. Making your banner ads stand out is key. Your banner ads need to be irresistible and draw your audience in.

Well designed and good banner ads can be the difference between you driving large amounts of traffic to your website and business, or your efforts going unnoticed and being ineffective. While a bad banner ad can be mostly useless, there are many benefits to banner advertising. Banner ads can be designed and styled differently and however you prefer, are easy to change and replace, are not limited to text only with character counts, help you create brand awareness in a place where your audience can take immediate action, and more.

What is Banner Advertising?

Banner advertising is often also referred to as display advertising. Banner advertising refers to the use of a rectangular graphic display that stretches across the top, bottom, or sides of a website or online media property. The purpose of banner advertising is to promote a brand and/or to get visitors to go to your business’s website.

You have likely come across a banner ad or twenty in your lifetime (maybe even just today). When you see an advertisement or business message appear while you are on the Internet, that is some form of display advertising. It’s important to understand that the key to banner advertising isn’t to just to do it, it’s to have the right advertisements in the right place, at the right time.

How to Make Your Banner Ads Stand Out

Creating banner ads that grab your ideal audience’s attention, is important and a main component to if your banner ads will serve their purpose, gaining you new customers, or not. In the recent years, banner ads have received a bad reputation, due to the overwhelming amount of their presence on the Internet, and browsers’ lack of attention to them. This doesn’t have to be case.

With display ads, you can use graphics, video, audio, and your company’s branding to stand out to users and attract their attention (Think with Google). Unlike traditional billboards, banner ads help you create brand awareness in a place where viewers can take immediate action, online. Below we review some things you can do to ensure your banner ads stand out and are irresistible to your audience.

  • Use a color scheme that is the same as the landing page and embraces your company’s branding.
  • Ensure you have a clear call to action that matches the landing page and attracts the viewer.
  • Include high-quality photos that will grab a person’s attention.
  • Keep the text large for easy readability.
  • Short and to the point. Keep your message simple and something that can be read in 3 seconds.
  • Make sure there is a button as your call to action (“click here”, “learn more”, “read”, “buy now”).
  • Leave no question as to who you are and how you can help your audience. Make sure your company logo is present, large, and stands out.
  • Know banner ad sizing and what size you need to advertise where.
  • Consider adding moving images and something that will make your ads different than others.
  • Continuously review your ads’ effectiveness and change them as needed.

If your banner ads stand out, banner advertising can be one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. With Water Bear Marketing’s BannerAds, you are able to get in front of people, leveraging a display banner ad, on over 96% of the places people can see banner ads. We eliminate wasted ad impressions by leveraging our technology and proprietary targeting products.

To learn more, and for a free consultation, contact Water Bear Marketing today.

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