Banner Ads are the Billboards of Our Present and Future

Oh, to be stuck in rush hour right now taking in all the billboards… Doesn’t that seem like such a thing of the past? Most of us are working from home still and rush hour doesn’t seem like something in our realities for the foreseeable future. Banner ads are the billboards of our present and future and are now more important than ever. With most people working from home, your banner ad could be the first “billboard” they see when they start their day, and for a fraction of the cost of traditional billboard advertising.

Banner advertising is often also referred to as display advertising. As with their ancestors (billboards), banner ads aren’t efficient or effective if just placed anywhere. The key is to have them placed in high-traffic locations on webpages, creating brand awareness and generating click-throughs, purchases, and leads. These high-visibility locations include the front, bottom, or the side of a webpage; places where they can easily catch a browser’s eyes (HubSpot).

Banner ads can help your company advertise in a more attention-grabbing way than other online advertising option. One of the benefits of banner ads is that, they can be designed and styled and are not limited to text only with character counts. With display ads, you can use graphics, video, audio, and your company’s branding to stand out to users and attract their attention (Think with Google). Unlike traditional billboards, banner ads help you create brand awareness in a place where viewers can take immediate action, online.

In the recent years, banner ad have received a bad reputation, due to the overwhelming amount of their presence on the Internet, and browsers’ lack of attention to them. This doesn’t have to be case, and in fact, with a larger audience at home now than ever, it shouldn’t be. At Water Bear Marketing we see great success in our targeted banner ad campaigns, and our clients are always impressed with the results.

The key to banner advertising isn’t to just to do it, it’s to have the right advertisements in the right place at the right time. We are here to help and have provided some tips and tricks below to ensure you get the best results from your banner advertising investment.

Tips and suggestions to help you create a successful banner advertising campaign:

  • Color scheme that is the same as the landing page
  • Clear call to action that matches the landing page
  • High-quality photos that match the landing page
  • Large text used for readability
  • Simple message that can be read in 3 seconds
  • Has a button as your call to action (“click here”, “learn more”, “read”, “buy now”)
  • Company logo is large and stands out
  • GIF ads between 3-5 images with the last slide having a clear call to action

There are also specific file formats, sizing, border specifications and animated options that we recommend for your BannerAds. We don’t want to give away all our secret sauce here, or, well… it wouldn’t be a secret. To learn more and to have Water Bear Marketing take you into the “rush hour” prime real estate of banner advertising, contact us today for a free consultation.

Don’t get left on the side of an almost deserted highway; banner ads are the billboards of our present and future and there is no better time than now to ensure you are utilizing them to your company’s advantage.

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