You are Advertising, Don’t Pretend You are Not

In a world filled with advertisements, it is silly to think that you are fooling anyone when you are trying to be subtle about when something is an ad. People know advertisements when they see them, and the best way to make them effective and to draw people in, is to embrace what you are doing. You are advertising, don’t pretend you are not.

We are going to review some ways that you can create ads that people love and how to fully embrace that you are advertising. Trust us, when you accept that you are advertising, so will your audience, and you will see it in your conversions.

Tips for Creating Ads that will Boost Conversions

Most people typically don’t love ads, but as a business, you know that advertisements are one of the most effective ways to create new customers and draw people to your products and services. So what do you do?

One of the worst things you can do is try to portray that your ad is something other than what it is. You are advertising, don’t pretend you are not. Consumers need to trust your brand and business, and by trying to fool them into thinking something isn’t an ad that really is, you can deter them right from the start of your relationship.

Let’s review some tips for creating ads that people love and accept the fact that you are advertising.

  • Embrace Your Brand’s Personality: Your brand, regardless if you realize it or not, has a reputation and characteristics that people assign to it. Much like us as humans, the language your brand uses, interactions with consumers, website look and feel, etc. can define who your brand is and how people see it. Your brand is your business’s identity. Branding is one of your company’s most valuable assets and is one of the things that is easiest for you to control. Embrace who your brand is and how people see you by taking on that personality in your advertisements. If your brand is known for its sense of humor, use jokes in your ads (maybe even make a joke about how what you are doing is advertising). If your brand is known for loyalty, talk about being a good “friend”. There are many ways you can incorporate your brand’s personality into your marketing.
  • Make it Personal: As we have reviewed before, people love personalized marketing. That doesn’t mean you actually have to use their name, etc., but having ads that connect to a specific audience and are tailored for them, will create that feel of personalization. Effective marketing is all about engaging customers and building relationships through local and personalized content. Brands today can no longer simply put out messages and hope for the best. As we said, you are advertising, don’t pretend you are not; the more personalized the ad, the less annoying it will likely seem to consumers. For example, if you are advertising at a football game, use football lingo.
  • Incorporate Video: We know, we sound like a broken record, but videos can really help your brand, especially when it comes to making your advertisements stand out. Videos help to make your brand real, build trust, attract an audience and keep them entertained, encourage social engagements, and not to mention, search engines love videos. 84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. When you are advertising, you are able to attract a much larger audience, including those who don’t like to do a lot of research and read about products and services, by incorporating videos into your ads.
  • Keep it Authentic: As we referenced above, many times your advertisements are making the first impression a person is going to have about your brand and business. That’s why it is extremely important to embrace that you are advertising, and not pretend that you aren’t. You can’t “trick” consumers, and even if you do, once they realize that they were “had”, they will be less likely to trust your brand in the future. Don’t make false claims in your ads or have hidden components and restrictions. This will turn off a large portion of consumers. The best thing you can do is talk about any negatives or restrictions there may be up front. This will build trust and loyalty.

As we said, you are advertising, don’t pretend you are not, it’s that simple. Do something many other businesses and brands are not, by embracing what you are doing and keeping it real with consumers.

Now Let’s Put in that Advertising Plug for Ourselves…

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