How AI can Make a Difference in your Digital Marketing Efforts

Wouldn’t it be great to market your business and not really have to think twice about it? Between chatbots, virtual assistants, timed content release, personalized web experiences, and more, AI can make a difference in your digital marketing efforts. When we talk AI, we aren’t talking about robots walking around serving coffee, but when it comes to your marketing efforts, artificial intelligence can basically serve your ideal audience the content they are looking for, on a silver platter, in real time. We know, it’s pretty cool how advanced technology is getting.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Impact Digital Marketing?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is transforming the face of marketing. This technology helps to optimize, speed up, and improve many different marketing tasks, ultimately improving customer experiences and driving more conversions. AI can make a difference in your digital marketing efforts by predicting consumers behaviors and providing a very personalized experience for them based on their online persona, process large amounts of data and make patterned based predictions around it, easily identify valuable leads and choose when and how to communicate to them, and more.

According to Search Engine Land, 59% of marketers who say they can’t live without AI have highly successful marketing strategies. 42% of marketers say they already trust AI to personalize content and offers in real-time.

How AI can Make a Difference in your Digital Marketing Efforts

As mentioned above, artificial intelligence is taking the digital marketing world by storm and there are reasons for that. Below we review, more in depth, some of the main ways AI is being used in digital marketing.

  • Automation and Personalization: One of the main reasons that many people turn to technology, is for automation. With digital marketing AI, personalized content can be created and automated to provide customization in the messaging and marketing consumers receive. Think about setting up different emails to go to people at different points on their buyer’s journey, having specific social media posts appear to various age groups, displaying your banner and text ads to people who are in a certain location and searched for a specific keyword, all while displaying the consumers name or something else personalized, and more. As we know, consumers are more likely to interact with personalized marketing content, so this customization can really make a difference.
  • Targeted Marketing: AI can make a difference in your digital marketing efforts by allowing for hyper-targeted marketing. Targeted marketing and personalization go hand in hand; however, this form of marketing is more about raising awareness for a product or service among a specific audience, and not so much about the personalized message. With artificial intelligence, individualized data can be used to determine whether customers will be interested in a product and then that information can be used to provide your brand as a solution to the consumer’s problem (search, display, etc.).
  • Enabling Conversation: Not only can AI automatically send out communications to people who recently visited your website or brick and mortar and ask them for reviews and feedback, it can allow your brand to appear available for conversation to all website visitors. Chat on your website, is a form of digital AI, and allows consumers to connect with your brand in real time, all while you are able to gather valuable information about that lead. According to the American Marketing Association, companies who use live chat see, on average, a 20% increase in conversions. Another study found that 35% more people make a purchase online after using live chat.
  • Future Predictions: Artificial intelligence can be used in digital marketing to gather buying and search habits and use those for future marketing efforts. Predictive analytics, also known as predictive modeling, provides actionable information that otherwise wouldn’t always be obvious. It is a way of learning about the future behavior of individuals based on historical data and testing (Entrepreneur). By having this information you are able to identify what keywords and advertisements work, when they are successful, and more.

There are many ways that AI can make a difference in your digital marketing efforts, with the key ways being personalized messaging being delivered to specific people at specific times, with little to no manual intervention and being able to track patterns and behaviors to predict future buying trends and habits and analyzing what messages work or don’t work.  

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