Value of Live Chat for Your Website

Do you have live chat on your website? Companies of all sizes are embracing live chat more and more and over 30% of consumers expect to see live chat on a website. 92% of customers feel satisfied when they use the live chat feature when dealing with businesses, more than any other communication option. That is huge; 92% of your customers would prefer to communicate with you via live chat, so are you letting them? We are going to dive into the value of live chat for your website, to help you better understand how live chat can not only benefit your customers but your business as well.

What is Live Chat?

Chat gives your company an additional way for your website visitors to interact with your business. From gathering reviews, to messaging customers about appointments and collecting payment, chat can save customers and your business time, all while increasing interactions with your company. With chat, you can collect your website visitors’ contact information so you can follow up with them later and continue the conversation.

Chat functionally allows you to stay in front of your ideal customer and to keep them engaged in your business. As another bonus, chat gives you historical context for every conversation, so you can pick up the conversation at any time and have a complete record of every interaction.

What is the Value of Live Chat for Your Website?

Chat is a pretty easy concept to understand, but do you really know how much value simply having live chat on your website can add from a consumer’s point of view? 50% of consumers say that having a live person answer questions in the middle of a purchasing decision is one of the most important features a brand can offer.

Live chat adds value to your website by:

  • Increasing Sales and Conversions: One major benefit of using live chat on your website, is the potential to increase sales. According to the American Marketing Association, companies who use live chat see, on average, a 20% increase in conversions. Another study found that 35% more people make a purchase online after using live chat. Live chat allows consumers to ask questions while they are in the buying funnel and receive answers. This keeps them engaged and encourages conversions.
  • Reduce Calls and Costs: It should come as no surprise that having chat allows you to reduce your need for a support staff, as consumers are less likely to call in and more likely to communicate with your company via chat. Live chat is generally 50% or more inexpensive than handling the same items via the phone.
  • Build Loyalty and Trust: Live chat makes consumers feel connected to your business, and in turn, builds loyalty and trust. One study found that 90% of customers said that live chat gives them confidence that they can get help if they need it, and increases their trust in the business.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Live chat is a great way to improve customer support and provide a memorable customer experience on your website. As we mentioned above, 92% of customers feel satisfied when they use the live chat feature when dealing with businesses, more than any other communication option. That is a huge.
  • Keep in Contact: Simply having live chat on your website will not serve as a solution. As a company, you need to utilize the chat feature and not only use it to communicate live with customers, but also to gather leads. Not every person who is communicated with in your live chat will convert to a sale immediately; however, they were looking for your products and services, and are a warm lead for your organization. Use their gathered information to reach back out via another form of communication. Stay at the front of their minds.
  • Improve Website Experience: Live chat allows your website visitors to stay on your website and ask questions as they arise, rather than having to pick up a phone or send an email to someone and wait for an answer. This keeps them engaged. People are less likely to stay in the buying funnel if they must wait for a response or come back to the purchase later. Chat allows you to keep them engaged and invested.

Water Bear Marketing understands the value of live chat for your website and offers a solution. We know how important it is for you to communicate with your consumers 24/7 and to convert website visitors into customers.

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