Wrap up Your Holiday Marketing Strategy

If you haven’t started executing or at least planning for your holiday marketing strategy for this year, unfortunately, you may already be behind. Each year, about 40% of consumers begin their holiday shopping before Halloween (National Retail Federation). Being as we are knocking on Halloween’s doorstep, and with most people still working from home, the time is now for you to wrap up your holiday marketing strategy and start rolling with it.

To make it easier for you, we have tied a bow on what we believe are some of the key items you should focus on in your 2020 holiday marketing strategy.

Executing your strategy before Halloween:

I, like 40% of others, have already started stocking up on holiday gifts, party items, and anything I come across that I think may come in useful over the holidays. With COVID-19 still hanging around, and the online world even more at our fingertips, your digital presence is more important than ever for the holiday season.

The majority of holiday gift purchases are made online rather than in-store. 67% of the consumers say that at least half of their holiday shopping is completed online. During the holidays, 51% of consumers say that the main reason they shop for gifts online is to avoid crowds, long lines and busy parking lots, and 43% say they do so to save time (bizrate insights). With so many consumers shopping online, and almost half of those doing so prior to October 31, having your holiday marketing strategy in full effect soon is very important to catching those shoppers.

Words are magic – Running a catchy advertising campaign:

More than ever, your potential customers are looking for you to be online and to offer them quick and easy solutions. If you are not a retail business that sells items that people will normally purchase for the holidays; you can still gain new consumers this holiday season. Your holiday marketing strategy is key to your success. Offering a holiday discount, running a catchy ad campaign, and suggesting that consumers give a “unique” gift this year (something that you have to offer), may be your ticket to gaining a portion of holiday spending in 2020.

Ads are everywhere, even more so around the holidays, so creating content that makes your brand stand out, must be a part of your holiday marketing strategy. The holidays give you the opportunity to be creative and try things you haven’t tried before. You can monitor your ad campaign to see how your ads are performing and tweak them as needed. The most important take-a-way here, is to take a risk and be adventurous with your advertising over the holidays.

Maximizing on your website leads:

If you don’t offer eCommerce solutions on your website, that it okay, you are still “selling” as potential customers view your website. 66% of Americans say they do their research online but buy gifts in brick-and-mortar shops (Fortunly). Are you turning your website leads into customers?

How are you collecting your viewers’ information to ensure you can ReEngage® them at a later date? Gathering and using your lead information is as important as having mistletoe hanging in your doorway. Part of your holiday marketing strategy, a big part of it, should be based around collecting your leads from website visitors’ and having a plan to remind them about your business once they leave your website. Retailers must work on creating a unique brand experience that customers will find memorable enough to return, and also have a plan to get back in front of website viewers that left their website without a purchase.

Being social and connecting with consumers:

23% of Christmas shoppers in the U.S. rely on social media to help them make the right choice (Fortunly). As we have mentioned before, word of mouse advertising is essential to business growth. People seek the buying advise of those they know, and with social media, often those they don’t know, when it comes to making purchases.

This holiday season you need to be sure that you are where your customers are, and you are having conversations with them. Making your presence known and engaging with your customers and potential customers needs to be included in your holiday marketing planning. Consumers want to easily be able to see what you are saying and what others are saying about you, so put it out there for them.

Targeting the right customers with precise messaging:

You can do everything right to ensure your business is found; however, if you are not reaching your right audience, all of your efforts are basically for nothing. Your holiday marketing strategy needs to define who the right customer is for your business, what their interests are, where they are at, and how you can convert them into your consumer. What is important to them?

The holiday shopping world is flooded with an abundance of messaging and a heavy online presence by businesses. You need to stand out to those you are trying to reach. Competition is not new for brands, but data suggests that the 2020 holidays are going to be more difficult than ever. It is always imperative to send the right message to the correct people, but over the holidays, when people want a quick solution, it is even more essential.

The time is now for you to wrap up your holiday marketing strategy and start rolling with it.

Water Bear Marketing is here to handle all your holiday marketing needs. We are happy to put the pretty gift wrap on your website and online advertising campaign, to help you to be the favorite present this holiday season. Contact us today for a free consultation.