Water Bear Marketing Releases New WordPress Tracking Plugin to Change the Game

Water Bear Marketing is a company that believes in innovation and taking the online marketing world to the next level by Advertising with Intelligence™. While the rest of you were out enjoying your summer, our waterbears were working hard to unveil our next piece of technology that sets us apart from other advertising companies and allows us to help you take your online advertising campaign over the top. We are thrilled to announce that we have created a WordPress plugin that will transform the way we gather leads and be a real game changer.

The new Water Bear Marketing tracking plugin is exclusive to Water Bear Marketing customers, and agency partners. This proprietary technology allows us to help get more accurate tracking so our clients can gather leads and insights in a more efficient and reliable manner.

We sat our CEO, Nate Louis, down (as much as we could get him to sit still) to have him put into his own words how he believes this new plugin will elevate our customers’ campaigns and transform the digital marketing space.

Q: In your own words, how would you describe this new plugin?

A:  Our plugin allows us to get data from our client’s website so we can make adjustments to their advertising campaign quicker than ever. This was a huge deal for us because I don’t know of another agency our size investing this much time and effort into tracking and reporting.

Q: Why is this new release a game changer in the online marketing world?

A: A few months ago, we noticed some lagging with data being collected on our clients’ websites, this is common in the industry. To keep it high level for you; we wanted to improve the efficiency of the data that we were collecting, so our team and technology could make more accurate adjustments to clients’ ad campaigns faster and with more reliability. We can now warrant overall better results and ultimately a better service and product.

Q: How will this plugin help customers’ ability to track and gather leads? What is different than the previous method?

A: Good question. The major difference is that we will be able to get more consistent and precise data flowing into our technology. Because of that, we can make faster adjustments to our clients’ advertising campaigns. This will reduce the time it takes to optimize their campaigns; and we can get them a better bang for their ad dollar.

Q: What made Water Bear Marketing decide to create this plugin? Why was this so important to the organization to develop and offer to our customers?

A: With all the data collection that is happening today, it’s more important than ever to get accurate information so we can make proper adjustments. We saw an opportunity to improve the accuracy of the data being collected and we wasted little time because we knew this was something we had to focus on.

Q: What are customers or agencies saying about this new technology?

A: Realistically, our typical customer has a mindset similar to people who go to a restaurant on a Friday night to enjoy their meal, not to cook with the chef. Our customers want to work with a company they can trust, and they want to know they are working with a company that is doing everything they can to help their ad campaign get better results. Since the release of this new plugin, our clients have seen enhanced results. Our customers pay us to be the experts; thus, I really don’t expect them to get too excited about the “why” portion.

Q: While we have you, can you give us a little insider information into what’s next for Water Bear Marketing?

A: First and foremost, we are going to continue to refine and improve our core products along with our client dashboard. We are finishing up our new agency partner program which will help hundreds of advertising agencies across the country bring more transparent results to their clients’ advertising campaigns. From a technology standpoint, we have some really cool algorithm advancements that I am beyond excited about. I admit, I have a hard time sleeping at night because I am so giddy for them to be completed. Aside from that, well, you will just have to continue to follow us to see what is next.

There you have it, straight from our CEO’s mouth, this WordPress plugin will transform the way we gather leads and be a real game changer for our customers and advertising agencies who we work with. Websites are the doorstep into your business and if you don’t know who is knocking at that door and why, will you be able to effectively use that information? The number of site visitors that click on your website equals the number of opportunities you have to increase your conversions, build a bigger lead list, and ultimately sell more products and services to.

To learn more about how you can jump on board with this new technology and Water Bear Marketing’s products, contact us today.