As the marketing world evolves and gets smarter, so should your advertising dollars

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could target a very specific audience? We are not just talking about targeting based on demographics and interests, but down to even more specific behavioral patterns; such as a trade show they recently attended, a dance club or concert they visited, or a college course they are currently enrolled in.  

As the marketing world evolves and gets smarter, so should your advertising dollars. Keyword searches, age, and location, are not the only things that define your customers. Being where your ideal consumers are and in front of them while they are engaging in the things and hobbies that they enjoy, will allow you to connect and grow with them on an entirely different level.

Marketing experts believe that 2020 will be the year that trends focus on speaking to targeted audiences the right way at the right time. This approach is a shift away from having marketing campaigns be heavily focused on keywords. “It’s not audiences or keywords,” Christi Olson, Head of Evangelism for Search, Microsoft, said. “It’s audience targeting layered on top keywords.” (Search Engine Journal)

Geotargeting allows organizations and marketers to draw a circle around precise user groups to better focus their efforts. A geotargeting advertising strategy enables marketers to spotlight specific audiences and seize control of their campaigns (Target Marketing). With geotargeting, businesses can eliminate ad impression waste and target their ideal audiences on a distinctive level.

Water Bear Marketing has a proprietary product for this type of behavioral targeting, GeoIntention™. With GeoIntention™, we customize your advertising program by using a radius around a physical location, keyword research, your competitive landscape, products or services offered in your industry, and layers of demographic targeting such as age, or gender. With GeoIntention™, we can leverage our targeting and technology to maximize our clients’ return on ad spend accurately and efficiently.

How GeoIntention™ Works:
We start by using a physical address and setting a radius around it. We can set the area as small as 1 mile and up to 100 miles. Next, we add in additional layers of targeting based on your ideal audience’s prior keyword research. For example, we can target products or services that you or a competitor may offer. Lastly, we can add a final layer of demographic targeting based upon age or gender.

We know that seeing the results of your GeoIntention™ campaign are just as important as achieving those results. At Water Bear Marketing we provide our clients with online reports, where they can view real-time data like impressions and visits and see what calls to action are performing the best. This allows you to always know exactly how your campaign is performing and you can make improvements to the ads or landing pages.

With our Water Bear Marketing Guarantee, we stand behind our GeoIntention™ product and we are willing to put our money where your pocketbook is. To start dancing in the same places as your ideal audience, contact us today for a free consultation and learn more about GeoIntention™ and how Water Bear Marketing can partner with your business.