Water Bear Marketing's Guarantee

Water Bear Marketing stands behind our products and we are willing to put our money where your pocketbook is.

If we have not met mutually agreed-upon expectations, we will give you the 7th month of your Paid SearchReEngage™, and GeoIntention™ campaign, absolutely free.

Have you ever worked with an advertising company willing to guarantee their work?

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Water Bear Marketing ensures that you will reach 99% of the places that people search online. We provide tracking of results through phone calls, emails, online sales, and form submissions. Our proprietary technology allows us to proactively make adjustments to our client’s campaigns to drive more leads and sales.

Eliminate ad impression waste and target your ideal customer with GeoIntention™. With our proprietary process, we leverage our technology to maximize our clients’ return on ad spend and help you reach your ideal audience accurately and efficiently.

This is our proprietary process to allow you to re-engage with people who have shown interest through multiple product solutions. With our ReEngage™ solutions, you are able to communicate with people who have shown interest in your business through one, or all of our ReEngage™ products.

5 Steps in Our Guarantee

  1. Water Bear Marketing will work with you to set a monthly budget and expectations for a Paid SearchReEngage™, and GeoIntention™ advertising campaign.
  2. Water Bear Marketing tracks and gives you access to reports on phone calls, emails, website form submissions, and/or e-commerce sales on your website, driven through the marketing campaign.
  3. Water Bear Marketing sets up monthly meetings with you to review your advertising campaign. The goal of these meetings is to make certain that we are meeting or exceeding your expectations.
  4. During our first meeting, we will teach you how to use our reporting dashboard which is available 24/7. This will allow you to review campaign performance, to date, as you would like.
  5. At the end of the 6th month trial period, if Water Bear Marketing has not met the agreed-upon expectations, we will give you the 7th month for Paid SearchReEngage™, and GeoIntention™, absolutely free.

Water Bear Marketing is here to make your advertising campaign work for your business.

*Our Guarantee is intended for new clients only and not everyone will be approved for this offer. Client websites must be fully responsive and meet the latest website standards including having a secure website URL. Tracking codes must stay on your website for the entire 6 months.

**We are willing to Guarantee up to $10,000.00 for a Paid Search, ReEngage™, and GeoIntention™ campaign. The Guarantee is based on your average spend over the course of 6 months. To learn more, request a free consultation or call us.