Engaging Social Media Tactics | Create Fireworks this July

Social media is one of the best ways for businesses to connect with their customers and to create and develop new relationships. Over 55% of the global population uses some form of social media and people spend roughly 15% of their time awake on some type of social. As a business it’s important that you embrace social and don’t just drive people to your profiles, but keep them interested and build and foster meaningful connections. This July, by embracing some engaging social media tactics, you can create fireworks for your business and brand.

Engaging Social Media Tactics

If you host a 4th of July barbecue and hundreds of people show up, but they all just sit in their own space and don’t communicate or interact, your party would be considered pretty much a flop. While the invite list may look impressive, if your event doesn’t provide a good experience, people will be less likely to add it to their annual traditions and will likely not attend again.

The same is true when it comes to social media. While you can have hundreds of followers for your business, if you aren’t keeping them interested and adding value to their lives, your business will not be at the front of their minds when they are looking for a solution to a problem that you can solve. We are going to review some engaging social media tactics that you should embrace, so you can be the talk of the town and the firework show everyone must attend.

  • Know Your Audience. Communicating with your ideal audience is key, and when it comes to social media, it’s important to know who from your ideal audience is there, and how to effectively engage them. You can post and post and post; however, if you aren’t providing engaging content, using the right tone, etc., you can easily lose the attention of your followers. Ask your audience what they want to see and provide them with content that will keep them interested and involved in the conversation.
  • Consistently Post. Out of sight and out of mind is a real thing. If you aren’t embracing your audience and providing them with current and consistent content, they will forget about your brand. When it comes to engaging social media tactics, being constant is important, as your business will remain in the top of the feeds and at the top of your audience’s minds. Don’t overdo it. Usually one post per day should be the limit and post at least weekly (if not more).
  • Keep the Conversation Going. If there is a conversation happening on your social media accounts, get involved. Ask questions, acknowledge responses, and try to engage other followers. Share things on your social that will trigger people to want to respond, so you have a conversation to engage in. Don’t ever leave a person hanging, even if they ask or say something negative. Acknowledge their post and try to turn the communication around. If needed, tell the person you will reach out to them privately.
  • Be Human. When it comes to social media, people want to be social and they want to build a true connection. Make sure that when you are using social media for your brand, you make your brand as human as possible. Post things about people within your business, such as birthdays, first days, etc. People will be less likely to engage with you via social if they don’t think you are an actual person. Connect with them and let them know that you are real.
  • Offer a Special. One of the most engaging social media tactics is to offer your followers an exclusive offer. Think about running a discount or providing a coupon for only those people who are active with your brand on social. This will excite your current followers and can help you to bring new ones in. Everyone likes to feel special and by rewarding them for their engagement, you are allowing them to feel so.

Simply just having your brand on social, isn’t enough. You need to connect with your followers and keep them in engaged, so your brand is always at the front of their minds. The more engaging you are, the more likely they are to utilize word of mouse and mouth and tell others about you. The whole goal of social media is to be social, so embrace it, and create fireworks for your brand, by dominating the social media game this summer and forward.

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