Are Consumers More or Less Active in the Summer Months?

With summer beginning later this month, many businesses start to worry about the summer slowdown and wonder if it will impact them and their business. The truth is, each summer is different and how slow business gets, really depends on what types of products and services you offer. We are going to take a look at the overarching consumer trends during the warmest season of the year, and answer the question, “Are consumers more or less active in the summer months?

Are Consumers More or Less Active in the Summer Months?

This question is two-fold, because yes, consumers are more on the go and out and about; however, are they spending as much? We are going to look at the answer for the latter part, and focus on consumer buying patterns during this time.

With kids out of school, more hours of sunshine, and people more active, summer may seem like a season that you would see an uptick in sales, right? As we referenced above, in most industries, it may be the opposite. While we can’t exactly predict consumer buying patterns for this summer season, we can look to the past to make predictions.

Businesses That Typically See Decreased Traffic

As we said, the sales you have in the summer, greatly depend on the type of business you have. Let’s dig a little deeper into some types of businesses that feel the greatest effects of summer.

  • Online Businesses: Consumers are known to buy less online during the warmer months because they spend less time indoors and on their computers. If your business is solely online, you may see a decrease of activity and purchases during this time of the year. People tend to be out and about and visit brick and mortar businesses more now than ever.
  • Cold Weather Products and Services: If you sell winter coats and ski equipment, it is pretty much a no brainer that you will likely see a decrease in business during this time of the year. Businesses that focus on cold weather specific items (i.e. heating services, snow removal, etc.) can expect a much slower season during the summer months and are likely used to that trend.
  • Restaurants: While people are out and about more during this time of the year, that doesn’t really mean they are eating on the go as much as you may think. Consumers tend to do more cooking at home during the summer months because it is grilling season, and that can lead restaurants to see a decline in business, especially if they offer no outdoor dining option.

As we said, consumers being more or less active in the summer months depends on the industry. While we have reviewed a few of the major types of businesses that have felt the impacts of the warmer season in the past, there are some industries that thrive with the warm air and sunshine. Those include: sporting goods and hobby-related stores, golf courses and country clubs, landscaping services, hotels and other travel related businesses, AC sales, grooming and skincare, and in-home entertainment (such as streaming services).

How Can you Keep Consumers Engaged in the Summer?

If you are one of the types of businesses that usually notices a slowdown during the summer, there are things you can do to keep your consumers engaged this summer. These include:

  • Having tailored marketing that relates to the current season and events and things that your consumers are most interested in during this time of the year.
  • When you know a slow season or time period is coming, think about having special offers that attract your current and new customers to your business.
  • Analyzing your current marketing efforts and adjusting to stay in front of your ideal audience, even if they are in different places during this time of the year than they normally are.
  • Ensuring you have local landing pages and marketing, so new customers can find you if they are traveling and in your area.
  • Using this slower time of the year to reach out to your customers and connect with them. A simple touch base can do a lot.
  • It’s important that you have a website that is optimized for mobile, so people can find your business. Make sure you have website functionally that people can easily navigate from their phones. While they may not be on their computer as much, they are sure to not leave their phone behind.

There is really no straight answer as to if consumers are more or less active in the summer months, because it depends on the current economic climate, your location, your industry, your customers, and more. While some businesses may consider summer their slow season, others are sure to count on it as the busiest for them.

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