Love is in the Air and Your Business Should be on Your Customers’ Minds

As we know, it’s not always love at first sight; this is true when it comes to loving others and businesses. Sometimes cupid’s arrow needs to hit multiple times to really stick. Only 2% of people who visit your organization’s website, are likely to convert to customers on their first visit. To ensure your organization’s success, you need to continue to get in front of your audience to ReEngage® them and help them fall in love with your business.

Data suggests, 98% of your visitors won’t buy on their first visit to your website (Inc.). This is a mind-blowing statistic, as you invest much time and effort into driving these visitors to your website. When someone finds your website, they are likely searching for your business and what you have to offer. They are warm leads and ready to fall in love with your products and services. This is the time to convert them to your customer. The average user leaves a web page in 10 to 20 seconds (Nielson Norman Group). Regardless of how out-of-this-world this data seems to be, it’s essential to your organization to reach and convert the prospects who did not become customers on their initial interaction with your business.

With the average Internet user spending 6.5 hours online every day, it is not only important to be where your potential customers are and reminding them about your business, it is pertinent to ensure you are delivering them the message that you intend to send to convert them to actual customers (Water Bear Marketing). You need to keep your ideal customer engaged and reminded about your brand, so you can ensure they fall in love with what your business has to offer them.

Reengaging and staying in front of an audience who has shown interest in your business, is one of the best investments you can make with your advertising dollars. Building brand awareness and reminding prospects that you are there, will keep you at the front of their minds.

Where and how can you ReEngage® your prospects? Each potential customer may have a different communication preference. Being in all those places is important. 72% of customers say that they expect businesses to personalize engagement to their needs (Salesforce). This means, that in order to be successful and engaging to your audience, you need to know where and how they think.

Water Bear Marketing has technology that can reach across multiple platforms and effectively communicate your message to someone who has said they may be interested in doing business with you. With Water Bear Marketing’s ReEngage® product, you can communicate with people who have shown interest in your business through one, or all of our ReEngage® solutions.

ReEngage® is Water Bear Marketing’s proprietary solution that enables customers to communicate with people who have previously engaged with them through online or offline advertising mediums. Keep the conversation moving forward through email, BannerAds, text, social media, and U.S. mail; these are all more impactful than those little candy conversation hearts (or at least they should be).

Love doesn’t always come easily, so like cupid, you may need to make it happen. Stand out and in front of your prospects, by reengaging them with ReEngage®.

Contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more about how Water Bear Marketing ReEngage® can help you ensure that your ideal customers are falling in love with your business this season.