Don’t Leave Potential Customers on the Fence

Imagine being able to reach your ideal audience based on their location. Now, stop imaging, because the time is now. 30% of the international population is using location-based services and 80% of them want to get location-based alerts from businesses (Salesforce). GeoFencing is the answer to targeting your customers based on their location. GeoFencing sets the boundaries for very targeted advertising to your ideal audience.

GeoFencing has taken mobile marketing to the next level by giving companies the ability to advertise specifically to potential customers within a certain geographic radius. GeoFencing constructs a virtual boundary around a business location using a combination of technologies: GPS and radio frequency identifiers (Wi-Fi nodes or Bluetooth beacons) (How-To-Geek).

Being able to reach your potential customers while they are within your “fence” is not something you can afford to be left behind on. Your customers are basically knocking on your door and there is no time like the present to reach them. How convenient is it, as a shopper, when you can find something nearby and at your fingertips? GeoFencing allows you to be that business that is within range and readily presented to your customers.

With GeoFencing, more specific targeting layers are added to local online marketing campaigns, which boosts performance. For local businesses, the more locally targeted your message is, the better it’s going to perform when your customers are within that local perimeter and on the “fence” about who to do business with (Business 2 Community). GeoFencing allows you to target different areas with different messaging. You can talk about the local sports teams, favorite restaurants, and tourist attractions and build a stronger connection with your audience, making them more likely to seek out your business.

Don’t just take it from us, listen to your customers. 53% of shoppers visit a specific business after receiving a location-based alert and 50% of those who stop by a store prompted by a text say the visit is unplanned (Salesforce). Over half of your ideal audience can become customers, by you investing in a GeoFencing marketing campaign.

At Water Bear Marketing, our GeoFencing solution leverages mobile display ads with location verification technology. We can target multiple locations all the way down to the size of a college, stadium, or convention center. With our reporting dashboard, you get complete transparency and control of your results. Water Bear Marketing bases your marketing on real-world behavior trends to ensure you are reaching your ideal consumers accurately and efficiently.

Water Bear Marketing’s GeoFencing technology uses Foot Traffic Attribution and connects ad exposure to real-world behavior to track the impact of digital and out‑of‑home advertising on in-person visits. Using direct measurement, with proprietary technology, Foot Traffic Attribution replaces imperfect methodologies that require your staff to ask the age-old question, “where did you hear about us?”

Water Bear Marketing sets a virtual perimeter for any real-world geographic area. Then, we choose to target and set the audiences based on one of our five GeoFencing products. Next, we serve BannerAds to consumers who enter the “fence”, on one of many ad networks. Lastly, we provide detailed reporting that will be reviewed with you regularly through one of our advertising consultants so you can ask questions and truly understand how the programs are doing.

What are you waiting for? GeoFencing is here and will continue to grow stronger in the advertising space. Don’t leave potential customers on the “fence”. Contact us today to learn about how GeoFencing sets the boundaries for very targeted advertising to your ideal audience.

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