Don’t be a needle in a haystack: Stand out with SEO

Is your business a needle in a haystack that customers can’t find, or are you the needle that naturally fell right on top of the pile?

Your customers are looking for you and the more you do to be found, the larger the return on your investment. 51 percent of all website traffic comes from OrganicSearch, and over 40 percent of revenue is captured by organic traffic (SearchEngine Journal).

Organic search is based on the unpaid rankings in search results, where paid search is exactly that, in the paid rankings and advertisement sections of a search engine. With OrganicSearch, Search engine optimization (SEO) is used to optimize a website’s visibility or ranking.

Search engine optimization affects how visible a website or web page is on various search engines. SEO is focused on increasing a website’s ranking, based on what searches people do on specific search engines.

Water Bear Marketing’s goal is to help your business be seen, where your customers are looking. We build comprehensive SEO campaigns that address all key elements of SEO, including skillfully implemented content optimization, off your website SEO and linking, business citations and Google My Business listings.

We help you to be found where you may not know people are searching for you.

Search engines are continuously changing and updating their algorithms. At Water Bear Marketing, we are the experts for our clients, and use the latest search engine optimization recommendations to improve our clients’ chances of being found.

Why Water Bear Marketing for your Organic Search Engine Optimization?

  • Over 10 years of Organic Search Engine Optimization experience
  • Manages hundreds of OrganicSearch campaigns
  • Obsessively tracks actions and results and makes changes as needed
  • Provides an online dashboard so you can review campaign performance 24/7

Water Bear Marketing’s Organic Search Engine Optimization allows you to stand out, literally. Our goal is to get you seen in as many places as possible.

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