The train is on the track: Are you picking up customers at every station?

Do you buy after reviewing only one source of reference, or do you go to a search engine to see the results and reviews, go to the company website to learn more, and then ask for recommendations and others’ experience with the company and product on social media?

If you answered “yes” to the above, you are not alone. In today’s world, with product and company information at our fingertips, your customers are looking for you and deciding about doing business with you, wherever they can find you. Whether they are in the car sitting outside your business or at home before they head out, they are likely doing diligent research. AND, why not? It should be very easy for them to find. Gone are the days where people buy something and try it (product or service), without knowing all there is to know about it and your company first.

With so many choices facing us every day, between thousands of TV channels, numerous screens and devices, music streaming, social media platforms, and millions of websites and individual pieces of content; people want to perform research and execute a purchase in a lot of different places. Multi-channel shoppers spend 3 times more money than single-channel shoppers (Invesp).

To be sure you are getting in front of your potential customers, in one of the many places they are looking, executing a multi-channel marketing strategy is your best option.

Multi-channel marketing is defined by many organizations, as communicating with and marketing to prospects and customers across many channels, online and offline. That means instead of running a single start-and-stop campaign or using one marketing tactic, like TV or email, marketers today are pacing with how consumers operate: in lots of places all at once (Hubspot). 95% of marketers say they know how important multi-channel marketing is for targeting; however, only 73% say they have a multi-channel strategy in place (Invesp).

At Water Bear Marketing, we have many different marketing channels to help your company be successful with your multi-channel marketing efforts. Our Ad Pantry™ is filled with options for you and your multi-channel marketing approach. You can pick and choose the right solution for you and your business.

Water Bear Marketing will work with you to help keep your train on the track, while stopping at multiple stations to acquire all the new passengers. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about the solutions we have available.