Have you Sliced Your Pie Right? | Planning for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Pie

The hardest decision, when it comes to pie, isn’t what kind to eat (okay, that is kind of difficult, but they are all delicious), it’s what size of a piece you should take. The same is true with your marketing budget. You know you want and need one, but how you slice it up is the hard part. How much of your marketing budget should be used for digital marketing?

Embracing the “New Normal” With Digital Marketing

New Normal

After the, so far, hectic year of 2020, mostly due to the global pandemic, people are starting to return to “normal.” But are they? During the months of lock-down and quarantining, we have been writing the future for a “new normal”, and that has major implications to the marketing world and for businesses trying to …

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Websites are the doorstep into your business

Website Doorstep

Based upon the look and feel and the information you provide; within seconds of landing on your website, a prospective customer will decide if they want to do business with you.