It’s a Celebration | Happy One Year Anniversary Chris Rodriguez

It’s hard to believe that a little over a year ago, Chris Rodriguez joined us as a waterbear. Chris started as an Advertising Consultant on August 3, 2020, and since then has done great things. He was recently promoted to Campaign Consultant Manager, where his focus is on improving clients’ return on investment, tracking their leads, and helping them to exceed all of their advertising goals.

In a recent interview with Chris, he provided us with some insight about his experience at Water Bear Marketing. Let’s see what he had to say:

Q: What makes you tick? What keeps you grinding away and remaining an active waterbear?
A: Making people see their own potential. I love seeing others succeed. In my previous roles at other companies, some of my greatest successes were in developing others and knowing I had a part in helping that to happen. I love knowing that I’ve made an impact to someone, whether with their advertising dollars or in their career path.

Q: Is there something Water Bear Marketing is doing that no one else is? If so, what?
A: We have so many advantages, compared to what the competition is doing, in terms of technology, but I think our personal touch and ability to really help people ensure their money is being well spent is something that isn’t being done elsewhere. There’s a lot to be said for having such a personalized experience when you spend your advertising dollars. I think we go above and beyond in that regard.

Q: How do you define a waterbear? What does it mean to work for Water Bear Marketing?
A: I don’t think many people know what a waterbear is, and when I looked it up myself when I first was curious, I was drawn to the fact that waterbears, the micro-animals, are a species that inhabits new, developing environments. I think this is true of the waterbears at our company, as we want to attract others to do what we’re doing. Water bears are essentially trend setters. Working at Water Bear Marketing to me, means to be willing to be cutting edge, creative, and ever evolving for my customers.

Q: What are your proudest accomplishments at Water Bear Marketing so far?
A: Watching companies I work with growing and building their online presence. It’s super rewarding to see someone get incredible results and know that we helped their business to grow.

Q: What is your long-term vision for your time at Water Bear Marketing? Where do you see yourself and the company thriving?
A: I see the company and myself continuing to grow together. I am always looking for a bigger, better, broader challenge, and I see the company being the same way. I love to build relationships with people and hope to see my role with the company continue to grow.

“From the moment Chris joined the team, I knew he would be an asset to Water Bear Marketing. Chris likes to look for innovative ways to do things and always puts the customer first. I look forward to seeing where Chris’s role evolves in the future and I am grateful to have him on the team. Happy Anniversary!”, said Nate Louis, CEO.

Please join us in wishing Chris a Happy One Year Anniversary. We look forward to many more milestones with Chris.