Lights, Camera, Action… Are you on? | Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Are you directing success in your company’s marketing strategy? Video marketing is not a new trend and continues to grow in value across the digital marketing universe.  More and more businesses are starting to adopt video marketing as an important part of their online marketing strategy. If video marketing isn’t already a part of your …

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Happy Thanksgiving | Some Wonderful Facts to Fill Your Day

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Water Bear Marketing. If you want to take a quick break from your in-laws or just need something to read to keep you awake on the couch after the meal, we have got you covered. Who knows, by reading this it may give you a topic of conversation after the Tryptophan wears off or help you in a game of trivia later.

Have you Sliced Your Pie Right? | Planning for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Pie

The hardest decision, when it comes to pie, isn’t what kind to eat (okay, that is kind of difficult, but they are all delicious), it’s what size of a piece you should take. The same is true with your marketing budget. You know you want and need one, but how you slice it up is the hard part. How much of your marketing budget should be used for digital marketing?

Celebrating Water Bear Marketing’s 2 Year Anniversary

Water Bear Marketing Anniversary

You know what they say; “Time flies when you are having fun”, and that sure is the case when it comes to the last 2 years at Water Bear Marketing. It’s hard to believe that on November 11, 2018, Water Bear Marketing came to be with just an idea and a dream… but here we are surviving and thriving.