CAREERS AT Water Bear Marketing

Water Bear Marketing is a fast-growing company hiring for several positions.

Please Read:

  • We believe in helping our clients reach their advertising goals - that is why we exist.
  • We do not believe in fancy job titles - there are none.
  • We believe all water bears involved with a client must be certified in the products or services that we offer.
  • Every full-time person in our organization is incentivized with a commission program - even our developers and bookkeepers.
  • We offer a new customer referral program to non-selling water bears.
  • We do not use PowerPoint/slideshows in meetings. period. seriously.
  • We work remotely.
  • Our commission structure is non-negotiable, along with the salary.
  • Company meetings do not last longer than 1 hour. ever.
  • We have a no-multitasking or being on a phone in meetings rule.
  • We do not schedule meetings that should have been an email.
  • We have an unlimited vacation policy for all full-time employees.
  • We are a privately held company and we will never be a publicly traded company.
  • We do not have an official company motto.

If you are ok with the above-mentioned, please see below and apply today!


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